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Health, safety and welfare are the joint responsibility of the Pre-school and every adult whenever on the premises. This covers the general well­being of children, staff, parents/carers, helpers and any visitors in all activities, use of materials and equipment, working methods and overall behaviour at all times when the Pre-school is open.


* senior member of staff must be alerted, they will then take charge

* necessary action must be taken

* accident/incident book completed as soon as possible by a member of staff


* checked regularly for wear and tear

* repair/replacement as necessary

Fire Drills/Evacuation

* held regularly

* details of assembly points etc. are on the notice board s fire exits must never be blocked

* in case of a real incident if we cannot return to the building, the children and staff will use the lounge of Hillgarden flats as a place of safety until parents can be contacted

First Aid

* details of appointed first aiders are on the notice board Hygiene

* children are encouraged to follow basic hygiene rules

* the Pre-school undertakes to provide proper toileting and washing facilities


* children are not allowed unsupervised access to the kitchens

* the Pre-school undertakes to keep all dangerous substances and equipment secure


* it is essential that children are ‘signed in’ on arrival in the event of an incident occurring during the session