The pre-school aims to:

*Promote access for all children to the same range of facilities, services and resources.

 * To provide a range of stimulating, fun and re-active activities which are age and ability appropriate and in line with the foundation stage curriculum.

* To meet the individual needs of children within the setting.

* To work in partnership with parents/carers and to actively seek their views and value their contribution.

* To recognise and safeguard the rights of the child.

* To increase awareness of special needs.

* To encourage a positive self image for all.

* To challenge unacceptable language, actions and beliefs.


If a parent/carer fails to collect their child/ren at the end of a session, and pre-school staff are unable to contact any of the child’s emergency contacts, they will, after 45 minutes, contact the Social Services Duty Officer. Staff (a minimum of two) will stay with the child/ren until they are collected. This is in accordance with PLA guidelines.

Note: If a child is regularly collected late, they may be taken off the Pre­school register.


The Pre-school has a responsibility to keep records on all children. These records help staff decide which activities to put on and can also be useful should the staff or you have any concerns about your child’s development. If you want to know what records are held on your child, please do not hesitate to ask.

To enable staff to produce these records they will be using electronic devices to take photos and record observations.

When your child leaves the pre-school a transition document is given to the school/nursery they will be attending. Parents will be given this document to read before it is given to the school/nursery.


Any child suffering from any infectious illness cannot attend the Pre­school. Also, if your child is unwell or ‘going down with something you should keep them away until they are better.

Administration of Medication - medication will be given to a child by at the discretion of the staff and with the written permission from a parent/carer.

Sudden Illness

In the event of a child being taken ill during a session, the senior member of staff will:

* ensure the child is kept comfortable under adult supervision

* ensure the parent/carer/emergency contact is informed and action to be taken agreed with them v' carry out emergency procedures as necessary

* write a report of the circumstances as soon as possible, a copy given to the parent/carer and one to be kept on file



The Pre-school aims to encourage children to develop emotional, intellectual, physical and social skills within their capabilities whilst recognising the wide range of special needs of children and their families and works within the DFES Code of Practice.

Staff and parents/carers are encouraged to act in a positive manner towards any with additional needs. Any such children will have a full range of activities and opportunities available to them, and special help will be given as applicable.


If a child/ren is unable to attend a session for any reason, please let the staff know as soon as possible. Fees will still be payable unless you apply and are given a waiver of fees - see below.

In the event of absence over 2 weeks for genuine medical/personal reasons, fees may be waived. The parent/carer will need to complete a ‘Request a Waiver of Fees' form available from the senior member of staff. On the basis of the confidential information given, the committee treasurer may agree to waiver the fees. Please note: routine childhood illnesses/ailments (e.g. colds, chicken pox etc.) will not normally qualify for waiver.

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